We are continuously looking for new customers and pilot projects.

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Currently, we are working on the following projects aimed at the application of our technology in new markets.

Construction of continuous flow reactor

    • Coval Energy and partners are developing a continuous electrochemical process where CO2 is converted to formic acid using electricity predominately obtained from renewable intermittent energy sources (wind or solar), contributing to electrification of the industry and increasing flexibility of the energy system.
    • Activities focus on the scale-up of the process, the reactor and the stack design. Data from real-life cases are used for this.
    • The design will take into account CO2 capture and process integration for biogas production from a digester.
    • Partners:






Multi-scale approach for electrochemical conversion of CO2 to value-added products

  • [To be updated]

Formic Acid as intermediate in the (petro)chemical industry

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