Power Markets

Solutions for storage of electricity and balancing of electricity grids

Renewable electricity production stretches balancing of electricity supply and demand. Electricity storage will become more important. Coval Energy produces energy dense liquid chemicals that offer solutions for electricity storage and backup, off-grid electrical supply, and electric mobility, while simultaneously offering a solution for demand-side response optimization.

Typical market applications of our technology are:

  • Stand-alone electricity generation in areas with no grid connection with an incentive for no noise and no emissions power generation
  • Range enhancement of battery-powered vehicles with liquid refuelling systems
  • Energy storage in bulk chemicals in periods of low electricity prices


Renewable Chemicals

Solutions for the reduction of CO2 avoidance costs by CO2 re-use

With the upcoming revision of EU emissions trading scheme (ETS), the cost of emissions will increasingly weigh on the profitability of large petrochemical companies.

It is expected that the price of CO2 shall rice from today’s very low levels and that CO2 reduction will become a license to operate for large CO2 emitters.
Coval Energy offers solutions for new high-value product-market combinations where CO2  is a feedstock rather than a waste product.

We reduce your CO2 avoidance costs and offer new business models for renewable chemicals.

Typical market applications of our technology are:

  • Production of renewable Formic Acid
  • Production of renewable Hydrogen Peroxide (future)


Liquid Syngas

Solutions for carbon monoxide and hydrogen production and storage

Syngas is a crucial intermediate resource for the production of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, ammonia, methanol, and synthetic hydrocarbon fuels, and is typically produced in large-scale capital-intensive industrial installations that are integrated with other chemical production processes. Fossil fuel based syngas production is one of the largest CO2 emitters.

Our technology produces renewable syngas in liquid chemicals (Liquid Syngas or LSG) using CO2 and renewable electricity as feedstocks. LSG is easier, cheaper and safer to store and transport creating new opportunities for local production where conditions are more favourable.

LSG can be used as a feedstock in existing production processes and hence avoids capital-intensive upgrades or new infrastructure. The hydrogen and carbon monoxide can be released out of the LSG when you want, and in the required hydrogen and carbon monoxide ratio that you need for your processes. It furthermore reduces significantly safety and health issues of large-scale carbon monoxide production. Last but not least, producing hydrogen and carbon monoxide significantly reduces the CO2 avoidance costs of large-scale chemical producers.

Typical market applications of our technology are:

  • Large-scale production of renewable hydrogen and carbon monoxide
  • Safe and economical transportation and storage of hydrogen and carbon monoxide enabling decentral production