Aqua Feed

Production of protein-based fish feed out of CO2 and renewable electricity

Together with a biotech company, we have set up a joint-venture that offers the first-end-to-end solution for protein-based fish feed using CO2 and renewable electricity as feedstocks

The JV aims to take advantage of the changing dynamics in the fish feed industry created by the significant global increase in sustainable aquaculture


Sustainable Aviation Fuels

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Developing a unique position in the sustainable fuels market
Demand for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (“SAF”) is expected to surge post-2030 as a result of the Green Deal goals and the CORSIA goals

The current production method of SAF by using crop-based biofuels are considered not sustainable, and waste oils supply is not sufficient to cover  SAF demand after 2030

Our product, that we are going to produce with a biotech company, is of non-crop origin and uses a reliable and consistent feedstock that is not dependent on biomass availability

In this way, we support key UN Sustainability Development Goals

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Seasonal Electricity Storage

Solutions for the efficient storage of excess intermittent electricity supply 

The installed capacity of wind and solar is set to rise as we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels

The increased variation in generation capacity, alongside widespread electrification of heat and mobility, increases the need for flexibility in our electricity system

Coval Energy combines fuel cell technology and liquid energy carriers for economical large volume ‘interseasonal’ energy storage which is crucial for ironing out the discrepancies between the supply and demand of electrical energy