New business models and comprehensive solutions for CO2 utilization

Power Markets

Solutions for storage of electricity and balancing of electricity grids

Renewable Chemicals

Solutions for the reduction of CO2 avoidance costs by CO2 re-use

Liquid Syngas

Solutions for carbon monoxide and hydrogen production and storage

Our Technology

Coval Energy's unique high-pressure reactor is modular and enables efficient electro-catalytic reduction of CO2

About Coval Energy

Founded in 2015, Coval Energy is a clean-tech company with a complementary team of specialists with more than 80 years of combined experience in utilities, the oil & gas and chemical industry.

Our aim is to reduce the carbon-foot print by converting CO2 into valuable chemicals and energy carriers.

We are developing breakthrough technological solutions that use renewable electricity, and use CO2 as a feedstock rather than a waste product.

We believe that these technologies will play a vital role in reducing CO2 emissions and the use of fossil fuels.